Some of the best Black Friday bargains can be found on older tech products from 2018 and beyond, and that includes the Apple Watch 4, which is currently seeing big savings in the John Lewis Black Friday sales.

The Apple Watch 4 was a big improvement on the Watch 3 with a bigger screen, louder speaker and great lightweight design, so it's great for people who are in Apple's ecosystem and want a smartwatch.

Right now you can save up to £100 on the Watch 4 at John Lewis. Apple Watch Black Friday sales have been predominantly on the Watch 3, so this deal is pretty rare. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for Apple Watch 4 deals in your region.)

This price isn't an all-time low, and if you shop around at other retailers you'll find the devices for less. However thanks to the John Lewis guarantee your device will be protected for two years, which may be worth the extra cost.

Black Friday Apple Watch 4 deals 

Not in the UK? Here are the best Apple Watch 4 deals right now where you are.

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