Elon Musk’s tweets calling caver Vernon Unsworth, who was concerned within the rescue of 13 folks from a collapse Thailand, a “pedo man” usually are not defamation, a jury discovered. Because of this, Musk won’t be accountable for damages, in accordance with the ruling.

The usual within the case is recklessness, which implies Musk didn’t examine to see if what he was saying was true earlier than he tweeted it. The jury needed to be satisfied by a preponderance of the proof that this was true, a decrease normal than “precise malice.” However finally, they dominated that Unsworth’s case didn’t clear that normal.

Leaving the courtroom, Musk told reporters, “my religion in humanity is restored.”

Since Tuesday, the Los Angeles courtroom has heard testimony from Unsworth, Musk, and others in regards to the tweets. Musk has maintained that he seen his tweets as insults, which aren’t defamation; on Tuesday, he testified that Twitter is “the place folks interact in verbal fight.” Unsworth stated on Wednesday that he seen the tweets as accusations, and he felt “dirtied” by them.

After a Thai soccer group and their coach had been trapped in a cave system, Unsworth — who had one of the best information of the cave, rescuer Rick Stanton testified on Wednesday — assisted in rescue efforts. Musk had additionally constructed a “minisub,” which might be used as a plan B for rescuing the boys — in case the plan to drug the boys and swim them out utilizing divers, which was finally profitable, didn’t work out. In an interview with CNN, Unsworth stated he seen Musk’s involvement as a “PR stunt” with “completely no likelihood of working,” and that Musk may “stick his sub the place it hurts.”

Musk watched the clip “two or thrice,” he testified, earlier than sending out the tweets in query. Musk testified that he didn’t learn about Unsworth’s involvement within the rescue, assuming he was just a few “ex-pat” residing in Thailand. In his first tweet, he referred to as Unsworth “sus.” In his final, he wrote “sorry pedo man, you actually did ask for it.” The tweets had been “clearly a really off-the-cuff response,” and Musk deleted them and apologized for them.


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