May Home windows 10 be set to drop the long-lasting Management Panel? Regardless that the Management Panel has been a necessary a part of Home windows since Home windows launched 33 years in the past, it appears like its days is perhaps numbered.

A brand new preview construct of Home windows 10 (Construct 19587 to be exact) has been launched to Home windows Insiders (volunteers who check out early variations of the working system), and as Windows Latest reports, there’s references to ‘Hide_System_Control_Panel’ and ‘SystemToAboutSettingsSearchRemoval’ within the code.

This implies that Microsoft is contemplating implementing huge adjustments to the Management Panel, maybe hiding it from most customers. If Microsoft does certainly bury Management Panel in a future Home windows 10 replace, it means it may very well be getting ready to drop the function altogether in some unspecified time in the future.

Oh Control Panel, where art thou? 

Despite being an essential part of Windows for over three decades, the Control Panel seems to have fallen out of favor with Microsoft recently.

The Control Panel used to be the place to access all of your computer’s settings, but with Windows 8, Microsoft pushed a more basic ‘Settings’ app, while keeping the Control Panel separate for ‘advanced’ users who wanted more control over their PC.

This ended up annoying a lot of people (one could argue that was Windows 8’s speciality, though), as the new Settings app was far too basic.

Meanwhile Windows 10 launched with an improved Settings app, while again keeping the Control Panel for more advanced settings.

Users are already encouraged to use the Settings app, but if Microsoft really is planning to make it harder to find the Control Panel (or hide certain settings within it, to make it less useful), then let’s hope the company is also looking to drastically improve the Settings app as well.

We don’t know when these changes will appear in Windows 10 (if they ever do), but with the Windows 10 20H1 update releasing immenently, it might be in a later update, like Windows 10 20H2, where these changes are present.

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