LG has lifted the curtain on a bunch of screens which it is going to showcase at CES 2020, together with a 38-inch ultrawide which has a critically tempting spec.

LG’s new 38-inch ultrawide has a curved display screen with a decision of three,840 x 1,600, and it’s one other large ‘Nano IPS’ monitor, which means it offers you an IPS panel (with these vivid colours, and nice viewing angles) together with a 1ms response time (usually IPS tech is way slower).

On prime of that, you additionally get a 144Hz refresh fee, and the 38WN95C is formally Nvidia G-Sync appropriate, so it’s straightforward to think about how avid gamers who fancy a 21:9 panel may be salivating at this level. And ultrawide monitors are certainly proving more and more popular these days, for those who want a truly immersive and cinematic experience with the latest games.

Furthermore, the LG 38WN95C also sports Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, and that IPS display is certified as covering 98% of the DCI P3 color space, meaning colors are highly realistic and true to life (plus on the HDR front, the display is also certified as VESA DisplayHDR 600).

If you don’t want ultrawide, then LG has new UltraGear gaming monitors on offer, with a 27-inch model, 34-inch and 38-inch (pictured top). These are 4K screens, again with an IPS panel that has a 1ms response time, and a refresh rate of 144Hz; although in this case it can be overclocked to 160Hz.

The main difference between these three models, aside from the size, is that the 34-inch will support VESA DisplayHDR 400, whereas the 27-inch and 38-inch are certified as VESA DisplayHDR 600.

All these monitors are getting an upgraded stand, by the way, which LG says offers more stability than its previous design, not to mention it looks better (which never hurts). These screens support adaptive sync tech and are G-Sync compatible.

LG UltraFine Ergo Display

(Image credit: LG)

Stands to reason

Finally, the hardware manufacturer has something a little different in the form of the LG UltraFine Ergo Display, which as the name suggests, offers some ergonomic benefits – although considerably beyond what we normally see in the monitor world.

This is a 32-inch 4K IPS monitor that’s on an arm attached to a stand which is essentially a cylinder that is clamped to your desk (see the image above). So the monitor effectively takes up no space, and using the flexible arm, it can be adjusted to all manner of different positions.

In the workplace, this means you can even swivel it around to face in the opposite direction, to quickly show a colleague something on your screen, for instance.

LG’s 32UN880 also promises excellent color reproduction and accuracy – it’s an UltraFine display after all – and the company notes that its ‘USB-C One Cable’ solution means you won’t have any clutter of leads, either. This is one minimalist monitor, that’s for sure.

The full specs include a 4K resolution, as mentioned, a 5ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate, and it supports HDR10, as well as FreeSync.

No pricing has been mentioned for any of these products yet, although we could hear more about the potential damage to your wallet – which may well be substantial in some cases here – at CES 2020.

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