Scammers try to promote a $350 USB key with simply 128MB of storage as an anti-5G resolution. The “5GBioShield” went on sale not too long ago within the UK priced between £280 and £330 ($343 and $405), and guarantees to make use of “quantum holographic catalyzer expertise” to guard a household residence towards 5G. Unsurprisingly, the USB secret’s faux, and it’s truly a daily $6 USB stick that solely has 128MB of storage. That hasn’t stopped conspiracy theorists from selling it, nonetheless.

BBC News reports that the “5GBioShield” has been really useful by a member of Glastonbury City Council’s 5G Advisory Committee. The city, recognized globally because the host of the annual Glastonbury Pageant, has known as for an inquiry into 5G over security fears. These fears have additionally led to conspiracy theories linking 5G and coronavirus within the UK in latest months, and a few folks have even burned 5G towers consequently.

The faux anti-5G USB sticks on sale within the UK.

An exterior member of Glastonbury’s 5G Advisory Committee, Tony Corridor, really useful this gadget in a latest Glastonbury council report (PDF). He claimed “we use this gadget and discover it useful.” In the identical report, Corridor additionally claims that “flocks of birds [fall] out of the sky lifeless when 5G is turned on,” and that “folks get nostril bleeds and suicide charges enhance.” The identical report consists of references that falsely hyperlink the unfold of the novel coronavirus and 5G.

There’s no scientific proof to recommend 5G is dangerous to flocks of birds, that it will increase suicide charges or nostril bleeds, or that it’s even linked to coronavirus. Corridor opposes the roll out of 5G in Glastonbury, and was appointed as a part of 9 members of the general public to advise on the expertise. “5G is the automobile for whole management and the ‘surveillance state’,” claims Corridor in the identical report. It’s actually ironic that somebody so frightened of 5G is pleased to plug a faux 128MB USB stick into their laptop computer to guard themselves.

A security firm ordered one of many $350 USB keys really useful by Corridor to analyze its “quantum holographic catalyzer expertise.” After breaking the gadget aside, the researchers solely discovered a 128MB stick that’s most likely a rebadged USB stick made in China with an extra sticker on it.

“Now we can not say this sticker doesn’t have extra performance unused anyplace else on the earth, however we’re assured you can also make up your individual thoughts on that,” says Phil Eveleigh, the researcher who dismantled the USB key.

BBC Information reached out to the house owners of the web site distributing the faux anti-5G USB stick, and so they overtly defended promoting a $6 faux anti-5G USB stick for $350. “We’re in possession of quite a lot of technical info, with loads of back-up historic analysis,” mentioned Anna Grochowalska. “In regard to the prices evaluation your analysis has produced, I imagine that the shortage of in-depth info won’t drive you to the precise computation of our bills and manufacturing prices, together with the price of IP [intellectual property rights], and so forth.”

Evidently, please don’t waste your cash on this junk, and bear in mind: radio waves can solely unfold laptop viruses, not human ones.

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