Nintendo and Recreation Freak are releasing two huge DLC expansions for Pokemon Sword and Defend this 12 months: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. The previous will launch on June 17 whereas the latter is slated to observe this fall, and every will introduce a wealth of extra content material to the titles, together with new gameplay options, places, characters, storylines, and even Pokemon.

For the reason that expansions had been introduced earlier this 12 months, The Pokemon Firm has been regularly revealing extra particulars about Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra within the lead as much as their launch. To assist get you in control on the upcoming DLC, we have rounded up all the things we all know to this point about Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra beneath.

Enlargement Move Value

Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra are bundled collectively as a part of the Pokemon Sword and Defend Enlargement Move, which is on the market via the Change Eshop for $30 USD / £27. The expansions can’t be bought individually. Every recreation additionally requires its personal Enlargement Move, so for those who personal each Sword and Defend, you will have to buy the cross for every model for those who’re hoping to entry the brand new content material in each titles.

Early Buy Bonuses

You may obtain a couple of free bonus gadgets for pre-purchasing the Enlargement Move. First, you will get an unique Pikachu uniform and Eevee uniform on your coach. If you buy the Enlargement Move earlier than August 31, you will additionally obtain clothes gadgets based mostly on Leon’s cap and tights.

Leon's cap and tights
Leon’s cap and tights

Confirmed Returning Pokemon

As beforehand talked about, Recreation Freak is bringing again an assortment of outdated Pokemon alongside every growth. These monsters are being added as free updates, so that you needn’t buy the Enlargement Move to get them; you can obtain the Pokemon via trades or import them by way of Pokemon House even for those who do not choose up the expansions. Nevertheless, the returning Pokemon can solely be encountered within the wild for those who personal the Enlargement Move.

In whole, greater than 200 outdated Pokemon will probably be added to Sword and Defend, together with virtually each Legendary from earlier video games. You may see all of the returning Pokemon which have been confirmed to this point beneath:

Isle of Armor

  • Psyduck
  • Golduck
  • Poliwag*
  • Poliwhirl*
  • Poliwrath*
  • Politoed*
  • Magnemite
  • Magneton
  • Magnezone
  • Exeggcute*
  • Exeggutor*
  • Happiny
  • Chansey
  • Blissey
  • Tangela*
  • Tangrowth*
  • Kangaskhan*
  • Horsea
  • Seadra
  • Kingdra
  • Staryu*
  • Starmie*
  • Scyther*
  • Scizor*
  • Tauros*
  • Azurill
  • Marill
  • Azumarill
  • Whismur*
  • Loudred*
  • Exploud*
  • Shinx*
  • Luxio*
  • Luxray*
  • Sandile*
  • Krokorok*
  • Krookodile*
  • Zorua
  • Zoroark
  • Emolga*
  • Mienfoo*
  • Mienshao*
  • Druddigon*
  • Bouffalant*
  • Larvesta
  • Volcarona
  • Fletchling
  • Fletchinder
  • Talonflame
  • Skrelp*
  • Dragalge*
  • Dedenne
  • Rockruff
  • Lycanroc

The Crown Tundra

  • Nidoran (F)
  • Nidorina
  • Nidoqueen
  • Nidoran (M)
  • Nidorino
  • Nidoking
  • Zubat
  • Golbat
  • Crobat
  • Elekid
  • Electabuzz
  • Electivire
  • Magby*
  • Magmar*
  • Magmortar*
  • Aron*
  • Lairon*
  • Aggron*
  • Swablu*
  • Altaria*
  • Absol*
  • Spheal
  • Sealeo
  • Walrein
  • Relicanth*
  • Beldum
  • Metang
  • Metagross
  • Gible
  • Gabite
  • Garchomp
  • Cryogonal
  • Amaura
  • Aurorus


  • Entei
  • Raikou
  • Suicune
  • Ho-Oh
  • Lugia
  • Regirock
  • Regice
  • Registeel
  • Latios
  • Latias
  • Groudon
  • Kyogre
  • Rayquaza
  • Azelf
  • Mesprit
  • Uxie
  • Heatran
  • Cresselia
  • Dialga
  • Palkia
  • Giratina
  • Tornadus
  • Thundurus
  • Landorus
  • Reshiram
  • Zekrom
  • Kyurem
  • Xerneas
  • Yveltal
  • Zygarde
  • Tapu Koko
  • Tapu Lele
  • Tapu Bulu
  • Tapu Fini

* Confirmed within the newest trailer

New Pokemon

On high of all of the returning Pokemon, every growth introduces a handful of latest Pokemon to the video games. Chief amongst these are two new Legendaries: Kubfu, the mascot of Isle of Armor; and Calyrex, the mascot of The Crown Tundra.

Galarian Slowpoke
Galarian Slowpoke

The expansions introduce new types of some older Pokemon as nicely, together with Galarian variants of Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking, in addition to Gigantamax variations of Venusaur and Blastoise. The Pokemon Firm has additionally proven off Galarian types of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, in addition to two new Regis: the Electrical-type Regieleki and the Dragon-type Regidrago.

Isle Of Armor Characters And Storyline

The Isle of Armor growth takes place on the titular island, which lies off the coast of Galar correct. The isle is dwelling to a Pokemon dojo, the place aspiring trainers be taught beneath the tutelage of an outdated man named Mustard, who’s the longest-reigning champion in Galar historical past and Leon’s former mentor.

Early in your journey on the Isle of Armor, Mustard will reward you the Legendary Pokemon Kubfu, which you can increase into Urshifu after conquering one in every of two towers on the island: the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Waters. Which tower you problem will decide how Kubfu evolves. If you happen to full the Tower of Darkness, Kubfu will evolve into Single Strike Fashion Urshifu, a Combating/Darkish sort; for those who full the Tower of Waters, Kubfu will as an alternative turn into Fast Strike Fashion Urshifu, a Combating/Water sort.

Throughout your journey on the Isle of Armor, you will additionally meet a brand new rival. This character will differ relying on which model of the sport you personal. Sword gamers will meet Klara, a deceptively crafty Poison-type coach, whereas Defend gamers will encounter Avery, a gentlemanly Psychic-type coach.

The Crown Tundra Characters And Storyline

The second growth for Sword and Defend takes place within the eponymous Crown Tundra, a mountainous area blanketed in snow. In response to The Pokemon Firm, the theme of this growth is “exploration.” Gamers will probably be appointed chief of an exploration workforce by “a sure individual” and will probably be tasked with investigating the realm.


Past that, not a lot else is at present identified about The Crown Tundra growth, however gamers will encounter the Legendary Calyrex throughout their journey. Calyrex is a Grass/Psychic sort that dominated over the Galar area in historic instances. Little has been revealed concerning the Legendary, however it’s stated to be omniscient and might “see each previous, current, and future occasion.”

Gigantamax Starters

Throughout your journey on the Isle of Armor, your starter Pokemon from Sword and Defend–Rillaboom, Cinderace, or Inteleon–will achieve the flexibility to Gigantamax. Like different Gigantamax Pokemon, every may have a novel look and G-Max transfer. Rillaboom’s is known as G-Max Drum Solo; Cinderace’s is G-Max Fireball; and Inteleon’s is G-Max Hydro Snipe. Every of those assaults offers extra injury than a typical Dynamax transfer and ignores the opposing Pokemon’s Capability.

Gigantamax Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon
Gigantamax Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon

The Kanto starters Venusaur and Blastoise will even obtain Gigantamax types in Isle of Armor. Every likewise has its personal distinctive G-Max transfer. Gigantamax Venusaur’s assault is known as G-Max Vine Lash, and it damages non-Grass-type foes for 4 turns. Gigantamax Blastoise, in the meantime, is ready to use G-Max Canonade, which equally damages non-Water-type opponents for 4 turns.

New Options And Objects

Along with the brand new Pokemon and places, every growth will introduce some new gameplay mechanics to Sword and Defend. The Pokemon Firm hasn’t revealed too many particulars about these as of but, however we all know that The Crown Tundra will allow you to discover Pokemon Dens with different gamers.

Every growth will even add new garments, League Card customization choices, and completely different appears on your bike. There will probably be different new gadgets in every growth as nicely. The Isle of Armor will deliver again Apricorns, which will be crafted into completely different sorts of Poke Balls, and it introduces a brand new merchandise known as the Exp. Allure that can earn extra expertise factors on your workforce.

Launch Date

The Isle of Armor growth will launch on June 17, whereas The Crown Tundra will observe in Fall 2020. You may learn extra in our Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra pre-order information.

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