Word: We have gone out of our manner to not embody spoilers for something that occurs in The Final of Us Half 2, however any images or studying any descriptions may give away plot particulars you’d fairly now know. In the event you’re hoping to stay fully unspoiled, we advocate taking part in by way of the sport first.

Surviving in The Final of Us Half 2 requires you to sneak previous each hostile people and the lethal infected–but typically, you must struggle. There are a couple of moments in The Final of Us 2 the place you may face lethal threats that you must struggle, a few of that are harmful, troublesome to defeat, and distinctive. There aren’t many battles that may very well be thought-about “boss fights” in The Final of Us Half 2, however you may know them while you get to them.

Learn on for the methods that’ll assist you to get by way of one in every of The Final of Us Half 2’s hardest moments: the battle within the hospital throughout Seattle Day 2’s Floor Zero chapter.

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Boss Battle – Big Contaminated

You will face this boss as you discover the hospital basement within the Floor Zero mission. This factor is fairly just like a Bloater–it’ll cost you and kill you if it could possibly seize maintain of you, and it will barrel by way of partitions to come back after you. It could additionally throw explosive objects at you, so you may have to be cautious, however the creature’s largest hazard is that it will preserve coming for you.

The realm the place the struggle takes place is the actual enemy right here, as a result of it is simple to get boxed right into a nook, lose monitor of the place you might be, and get run down and murdered. It is darkish and murky all through, making it robust to identify doorways, ledges, holes, and home windows you possibly can transfer by way of, however taking part in keep-away from the boss is crucial. This factor will take a ton of punishment to deliver down, so your most necessary purpose is to maintain your distance so you possibly can defend your self, do some injury, and craft objects you want every time potential.

Typically one of the simplest ways to take care of the boss is to discover a spot the place there is a central pillar or object you possibly can transfer round, forcing the boss to circle with you. You won’t do quite a lot of injury throughout these parts, however you can keep out of hazard and plot your subsequent transfer. It’s going to take quite a lot of injury to kill the boss, so concentrate on staying alive and managing area before everything; you are not going to deliver it down by capturing it a bunch earlier than it will get to you.

Go for high-damage weapons for this struggle: pipe bombs, your shotgun (and its incendiary rounds), and the Looking Pistol are all good bets, whereas it can save you your different weapons for when ammo is low. The Flamethrower works too, however its shorter vary means you may have to let the boss get shut earlier than you utilize it, and it will not gradual him down any. You will discover plenty of gear scattered across the space in the event you want it, however since it’s going to typically push you into corners, ensure you have plenty of room to maneuver earlier than going for it.

Do sufficient injury and a smaller Stalker boss will peel off from the bigger creature, forcing you to struggle two creatures directly. Maintain an eye fixed out for this man however don’t be concerned about doing a ton of injury to him–if you damage the massive boss sufficient, you may win this portion of the struggle. Shoot the Stalker when it comes after you to power it to go away, however be careful that it does not tangle you up and make you susceptible to being one-shotted by the bigger boss. Retaining shivs on-hand will make getting away simpler.

Maintain working and dealing injury till the massive boss lastly goes down. The Stalker may have escaped, forcing you to seek out and kill it within the subsequent space of the hospital, the morgue. Although the Stalker is harmful, it is not practically as lethal as the massive boss, and your expertise combating different variations of this enemy will come into play right here. Use the strongest weapons you’ve got left to wallop it, and if you want to, attempt to get away so you possibly can go into stealth and resume the struggle in your phrases. When the battle is over, you can exit into the parking storage.

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