When the AM4 platform was unveiled in 2016, AMD dedicated to help it with future processor launches till 2020. And, properly, 2020 is right here and it appears to be like like AMD is not going to cease supporting the socket any time quickly. 

In a blog post at this time, AMD confirmed that AMD Zen 3-based processors within the Ryzen 4000 lineup will formally help X570 and B550 motherboards. Nevertheless, the information is not fairly as rosy as chances are you’ll count on. 

X570 and B550 are going to be the one legacy AM4 chipsets that can help AMD Ryzen 4000 processors once they launch later this yr. Which means when you’re rocking an X470 board from 2018,  you are going to must improve if you would like one of many 7nm+ processors. 

AMD cites the restrictions of the flash reminiscence chips on the best motherboards, which store all the BIOS and Microcode updates necessary to support new processors as they come out. There’s only so much space, and especially X370 boards now support way more processors than pretty much any other board in a long time. 

As for whether or not AMD will retire the AM4 socket any time soon, Team Red left that open. It said that it “will depend on the schedule of industry I/O technologies.” Essentially, if there are shiny new bits of tech that AMD has to support on its motherboards, it will have to update the socket in order to maximize compatibility. 

Still, at least your expensive X570 board will let you upgrade your CPU this year – hopefully that continues for a couple of years. 

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